Post on 11 : 54 AM/21/07/2014

FlexOffice with NEMO Conference 2014

NEMO is an independent purchasing and marketing dealer group and have over 90 independent members offering a variety of business resources on a local and national basis. The NEMO Conference 2014 was held at Slaley Hall, Hexham and offered an exciting opportunity for FlexOffice to introduce their new product range. 


Mr Tran Trung Hiep, Chief International Business Development Officer of Thien Long Group, stated: “NEMO Conference 2014 is a good opportunity for us to capture consumption trends not only from buyers but also from many international enterprises. For the purpose of developing the UK market, this conference is an ideal place for FlexOffice to connect with distributors and agents.”


Products were researched and modified to suit the UK market with particular emphasis on multiform packs ranging from retail, through to bulk commercial, and finally bulk educational: 






Oil pastels


Washable marker

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